Queer Rootz is my own project that I’ve wanted to get started up for at least a year now, it’s an organisation that explores and teaches the concepts of queer ecology, intersectional awareness, and how the centering of queer/trans people of a global majority – and their voices in natural history – will not only save the planet, but further our understanding of conservation practice, scientific method, and get queer People Of Colour front and centre when it comes to wildlife and the environment.

The name “Queer Rootz” comes from the understanding that far before the impacts of colonisation – and before eurocentric, heteronormative, patriarchal standards and values were placed on how we learnt about and observed nature and wildlife – indigenous communities of colour embraced how flexible and queer the environment actually is, and used that to reflect upon themselves and conserve this nature sustainably and comfortably.

As a trans, non-binary, disabled, pakistani Indian women in the natural history media and writing industry. I have been made acutely aware of what I have not got as I have struggled to reach the place I am in today. This project is about spotlighting and platforming unheard voices and lost creativity. We will factor in vulnerability, white fragility, disability, trans inclusion, queer ecology and racism into the teachings about the natural world.

This flexible perspective and understanding of nature has been shown through studies and lived experience to progress scientific understanding but also puts the voices of people who are trans and queer front and centre, and as someone who has often felt excluded from these places – when in reality I should have felt even more connected than my counterparts – I want to build a community where queer POC see the magic of their identities as a direct link to nature…

For now it’s just me and this page, and my own experience and skills, but I hope to grow it further as I apply for funding, use my networks to find places and people to ally with us, and one day soon branch into guided walks, writing, art and poetry workshops, activist meetings, policy and politics workshops, animal and plant identification, discussion and debate platforms and a place of fun, freedom and security. Wish me luck…

Jasmine Isa Qureshi (Founder)

As I receive funding and grow the networks and resources for this project, I will be putting together a team and pulling together allies and people to help me create this community, and hopefully I’ll see some of you as part of the team one day or even just involved in what we do, as we bring diversity and intersectional awareness to the natural landscape and beauty around us!

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Trang Dang and queer writer, journalist, wildlife TV researcher Jasmine Qureshi will discuss the role of voice in her journey into environmental conservation and activism and in addressing the intersecting gender and environmental issues we are currently facing.

This event is part of online talks series leading to the in-person conference When I Dare to be Powerful, on 21 June at Bonington Gallery. The international conference will bring filmmakers, artists, writers and activists, together with conceptual thinkers and cultural theorists in order to answer pressing questions relating to voice as an agent of change.

Changebecause we must.

: Queer Rootz

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