As a person who identifies with various marginalised communities, I have often found it challenging to make my way in this industry…the industry of storytelling and writing, but more specifically, at the start anyway… the industry of conservation and nature.

It shouldn’t be as hard as it is to make your way in something that you are so passionate about, especially when this is the saving and nurturing of the natural world, and of all its wonders.

I have also come across significant barriers and discrimination in other aspects of work I am in, such as journalism, television, voluntary work…for many people of marginalised ethnicities, genders, orientations, identities, abilities, mindsets, etc.

I seek to break down these barriers, to be the representation I never saw growing up, to share and uplift the voices of those marginalised and abused by a system I think is inherently wrong and MUST be changed.

I see the various projects and work I do as being a means towards this. That in the process of me enjoying my work and surrounding myself with projects I am passionate about, I am also speaking out about issues, and building a platform from which I can then promote more change, and extend a ladder to those that need it.

Projects that deal with intersectional Diversity and Inclusion

As a speaker and a writer I have given a number of talks and written articles that deal with intersectional issues such as racism, homophobia, transphobia, capitalism, social justice, etc. you can find these pieces on my Blog, on the page Conferences and Speaking, and Online.

A Focus On Nature

This video is from a few years back, but it really encapsulates the organisation; a wonderful collective, now completely youth-led, set on bringing environmental and wildlife education to the younger masses, and building a greener and more nature-savvy society.

I am EXTREMELY proud to be a part of this organisation finally, as someone who joined when I was quite young, to be now a reason for it’s existence is quite extraordinary to me.

Click here to see our website!

Engagement Officer

As Engagement Officer on the committee, I am responsible for various roles, many that overlap with other members of the committee, who you can look at here: – I am involved in outreach and understanding the various people we are engaging with, and also the topic of mentoring and educational resource production we do as an organisation. I am also involved in organising of events that would perhaps pertain to this, such as careers hubs, etc. I am also the website support, and develop and update the website, and use these skills to develop our online presence.

Enviro Education

I am an Environmental Leader for enviro education, another opportunity that allows me to represent and be involved in out reach and increasing diversity and inclusion in the sector. Enviro Education are on a path to EDUCATE and INSPIRE the next generation of environmental leaders.

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I am DETERMINED to make this environment a more inclusive and diverse arena, and I am building a platform on which to do that, do get in touch if you want to have a hand in this, or help in any way – we can only get anything done here if we work TOGETHER!

There are various resources on the websites mentioned.

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