I have said before that part of who I am, part of who I have always been, is a storyteller.

I have previously been a researcher on some amazing projects for production companies like BBC Natural History Unit and BBC Earth, Wild Space Productions (working on a series for Netflix), and for Sound Off Films.

As a presenter and a videographer I have worked with Attitude Magazine, Freeborne Media, CBeebies, VOX, etc.

Chantelle and Rory’s Teeny Tiny Creatures – Episode 14: Starfish – CBeebies

My first time as a wildlife contributor on TV! In this episode, Chantelle and I went to Weymouth Sea-life Centre to investigate different types of starfish – one with chocolate chips and another that looks like a cushion. Great fun and an experience I won’t forget!


Reintroduction and Rewilding Summit 2021 – The Short Haired Bumblebee Reintroduction Project 

Here is my short film, a HUGE honour to have been able to make on behalf of the BBCT…

The Short-haired bumblebee is a species of bumblebee native to the UK; however, in 2000 it was officially declared extinct in the UK, due to losses of habitat and destruction of the environment, etc. The Short-Haired Bumblebee Reintroduction Project was set up in 2009 as part of a scheme to bring back this marvelous and beautiful insect and sought to recreate natural spaces and raise awareness to issues plaguing bumblebees and many other English plants and animals. I was asked; as an ambassador for the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, to make a short video for the Reintroduction and Rewilding Summit, to showcase the strides made by the people passionate about these animals, and to raise awareness to the cause.

I want to say a huge thank you to Gill Perkins (CEO of BBCT), Dr. Nikki Gammans (scientist spearheading this project and providing videos and photos), Liv Cooper (Birds of Poole Harbour, for inviting me and editing) and Fabian Harris (Self Isolating Bird Club).

Why I care about Climate Change – Wessex Museums

Why should we care about Climate Change and what positive things can we do to make a difference to our planet? Our Create and Collect Project for Climate Change helps children and young people in Dorset and Wiltshire explore these issues with help from museum curators, scientists, artists and environmentalists. In this video, wildlife journalist and environmental influencer, Dawood Qureshi gives their view on the issue and how it impacts people all over the world.

Over the coming months we’ll be working with groups of young people to connect museum collections with climate change research resulting in a digital exhibition of responses. We can’t wait to see what happens!

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