My email/letter to my MP on the Hunting Act


So almost two weeks ago I wrote and sent an email to my MP, obviously urging him to vote against the relaxation of the Hunting Act that has not been very honestly, in my opinion, put into order, when the MPs will be allowed a free vote on Thursday as to if or not it should be relaxed. That was almost two weeks ago, and I haven’t yet received an answer from him.
But there’s still time and I’m hoping that he does write back to me, here’s the email that I sent him:

“Dear Mr Stephen Baker, MP

I am writing to you today to express my views on what appears to be a difficult subject- the Hunting Act. I am someone who is very passionate about the protection of the natural world, as I believe many of the problems that arise here are caused by us as human beings; and therefore it is our duty to set these problems right.
I’ve seen a video about hunting that I just had to send you. One of the key arguments of those who support hunting is that it is necessary for ‘wildlife management’ – put more simply, they suggest it is good for controlling fox numbers.

As your constituent, I really want you to watch this as it is vital to the debate about the potential repeal of the Hunting Act. A League Against Cruel Sports investigation found 16 fox cubs being kept in a barn, 200 metres from a hunt kennels. An employee of the hunt, their terrier man who is registered as living at the hunt kennels, was filmed entering the barn.

Why would a hunt be keeping foxes? The only sensible conclusion is that they had been taken and kept simply to be hunted. The video shows other examples which back up this conclusion. This is not ‘wildlife management’, it is animal cruelty.

The video can be found here:

Imagine the terror that is being experienced by the fox as it runs from the snapping jaws of a bloodthirsty terrier or hound, this animal has the slimmest of chances of escaping death in these circumstances, and will most likely die in abject terror and pain. Not only this, but also consider the fact that foxes are a solid part of the British countryside and culture, and should be considered a creature that can rely on the people of Britain to protect it from harm.

I hope you will consider this information when voting on the repeal of the Hunting Act.
I understand that different people have different views on this subject and what should occur, I want to put my voice and my opinion clearly forward as a voice for the Hunting Act, and if a free vote for MPs on repealing the Hunting Act does go ahead, as promised by the Prime Minister and could take place in the next few weeks, I urge you to vote to keep the Hunting Act; as I hope you will understand that these are beautiful animals that need to be protected from the suffering that can be caused from this evil blood sport.

Thank you in advance for your reply and I look forward to hearing from you and what you have to say.

Yours Sincerely
Dawood Qureshi”

In this letter I’ve tried to outline every view that I have on this subject and I’ve also tried to give him some thought into what he would be allowing if he did vote for the hunting act to be relaxed. I just hope that this will be enough to urge him to vote to keep the original Hunting Act in place and to protect all of our wildlife from this malicious pastime.
I would really urge whoever is reading this, even if you have already, to email your MP with a letter containing your views on this vote and urging him/her to vote to keep the original hunting act in place, I myself am going to write another letter and send it to my MP, as they might just listen if they see your name enough times!. Even talking to them in person at one of their surgeries is good as it shows them how much you want this to happen.
Good luck, and I think I need a bit of luck as well!, just hoping my MP answers.


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